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  • Consider This: Wellness Thoughts for 2019 January 14, 2019
    I recently read an article from SelfHelpWorks called “US Wellness Program Considerations for 2019”.1 With a fresh new year ahead of us and learnings from the last planted in our minds, articles such as this one provide me with a great perspective on employers’ thoughts about their wellness programs. From my seat, SelfHelpWorks articulates what […]
    Brooke Kelly
  • 5 Ways To Help Keep Your Employees Engaged In Your Wellness Programs January 14, 2019
    “New Year, New You!” A common phrase we hear accompanied by a list of resolutions. Whether it’s to exercise more, lose weight, eat healthily, quit smoking or spend less, most resolutions are made with the intent of bettering ourselves and improving our overall health and well-being. Starting with a clean slate on January 1st gets […]
    Lisa Kretchman
  • Eat Clean at Work – An Employer’s Guide January 14, 2019
    New Year’s resolutions. A fresh start for a new year. Many employees view the New Year as a time to begin afresh with goals for well-being. Often, these goals revolve around food and improving their diet. Cleanses, detoxes, and the like are frequently talked about this time of year. While many of these types of […]
    Brooke Findley, MS, RD, LDN
  • Carrots and Sticks: Incentives in Workplace Wellness January 14, 2019
    Are you considering using incentives in your employee wellness program, or revisiting your incentives strategy? Incentive programs can be an effective part of a comprehensive wellness strategy. Incentives can boost engagement in activities, like taking a health assessment or participating in a fitness challenge.  However, reward programs that tie incentives to clinical outcomes (such as a […]
    Ingrid Morris
  • Introducing Blue Premier: Redefining What is Possible in Health Care January 11, 2019
    Health care is evolving at a rapid pace and we recognize that this can leave North Carolinians with tough choices to make. For 85 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) has remained committed to advocating for our customers on issues of health care costs and access to care. Better […]
    Rahul Rajkumar, MD
  • 5 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget January 11, 2019
    When we think about working out, usually a pricey gym membership or an expensive piece of equipment comes to mind. But getting in shape doesn’t have to break your budget. There are plenty of low-cost and free ways you can exercise. Here are some ideas to help you get fit for less. Make the outdoors […]
    Michelle Rogers, CPT
  • Beware: Email and phone scams are on the rise! January 9, 2019
    Criminals are increasingly trying to scam online consumers and our members are not immune. We recently received information that members may be receiving a scam email, appearing to be from Blue Cross NC. Clicking on links in this email may result in unintended consequences. The links point to a fake site ( encouraging members to […]
    James LaCorte
  • 5 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail – and How to Fix It December 28, 2018
    Every year, losing weight and getting in shape top the lists of most Americans’ New Year’s resolutions. Walk into any gym across the country during the first week in January, and you’ll find it full of newcomers. By the end of the month, the crowd numbers have thinned. The same can’t be said for the […]
    Michelle Rogers, CPT
  • Start 2019 Off On The Right Foot With A New Year’s Day Hike December 28, 2018
    New Year’s Resolutions date back some 4,000 years, to the ancient Babylonians, who for their New Year (which began in mid-March), used the occasion to settle debts to their gods and return borrowed stuff to their neighbors. Setting a clean slate is a concept that’s stuck.  It’s a resolution that we often leap into. Fully […]
    Joe Miller
  • How to Manage Stress During the Holidays and Beyond December 27, 2018
    For some, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, rest, relaxation. But if you’re like many Americans, the reality is that the holidays can leave you feeling stressed. A recent survey by the American Psychological Association found 38 percent of people said their stress level actually raises during the holidays. Apart […]
    Blue Cross NC